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Globally recognized Earth observation satellite solutions

Viasat has deployed hundreds of remote sensing antennas worldwide. Government and commercial organizations trust us to deliver robust solutions with the reliability they need in a remote sensing ground station.

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Transforming SATCOM fixed antenna capabilities

As a longstanding leader in the evolution of SATCOM ground stations, Viasat offers proven GEO, HEO, MEO, and LEO antennas for today’s diverse broadband constellations and the next generation of satellites to come.

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Powering seamless ISR missions

ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions are a cornerstone of Viasat’s support capabilities. Our expertise and sophistication in antenna design, high rate modems, security, and information assurance make us a trusted provider for ISR operations around the world.

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Fixed wireless antenna solutions with every customer in mind

Viasat’s mission is to connect the world by serving all who need wireless access and the underserved rural areas, because when it comes to staying connected in business and in life, we believe distance shouldn’t have to matter. 

Let us help you

Viasat offers a range of ground station antenna systems for government and commercial needs. Our team of experts will find the right solution for you. 

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